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Let’s face it; it’s tough for small businesses these days. All we hear on the news is ‘doom and gloom’ and predictions for more ‘end of the world’ scenarios. Most entrepreneurs hang their head in despair or wring their hands about how to sustain a thriving business. Many throw money at marketing strategies that just don’t work in this economy, and even more give up on marketing altogether and live on a hope and a prayer.


There is an abundance of wealth out there. There are no limits to how much money and success you can have, but it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel when all around you are losing their heads. That’s why I am hosting a week long teleseminar series featuring 5 leading business and marketing experts who will explain in detail how YOU can succeed even in this economy. ALL ABSOLUTELY FREE!

In this FREE Teleseminar Series, you will learn:


Are you Ready to Explode your Business Profits?

Picture this: You are a successful entrepreneur who has clients and customers beating down your door. You have a funnel of active and passive income beyond your dreams. You don’t worry about how to get more leads and referrals because you have a road map in front of you that shows you a step by step system that never fails to make you more money. Get ready to embark on a no holds barred education series to help you get there fast!


Yasmin Razaq - Business Marketing Girl

Yasmin Razaq, aka, ‘Business Marketing Girl’ is a marketing coach, consultant, and trainer who specializes in helping companies attract more customers, clients and sales using social media and marketing strategies that work. She has been actively immersed in marketing and public relations since 1995, and in that time, has helped businesses and groups of all shapes and sizes better connect with their clientele via incredible tools and strategies. Her clients include businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to large corporations and non-profits.

Yasmin is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and leaders build their brand using both online and offline marketing techniques that are affordable and easy to use. Yasmin believes that ”Marketing works for every business, but you have to know what you are doing, and you have to take action to see results“. Her goal is to help her clients create connections with their customers and nurture them into relationships that help grow their bottom line. Yasmin teaches marketing to business owners across the world via teleseminars and webinars, she also blogs at



"How to Get on the First Page of Google and other SEO Secrets"

CharisaJoin Charisa as she reveals…

  • The #1 secret that’s keeping your customers from finding you online.
  • Why it’s important to be on the first page of Google.
  • The benefits of SEO (search engine optimization).
  • How to use online classifieds to market your business.
  • Why you’re not getting the leads/sales you want online.

Charisa Pruitt graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Resources & Economics. She worked in the financial services industry for more than 13 years and later learned internet marketing strategies which she mastered and has used to increase the sales of her husband's auto glass business. She eventually left her financial services career and took over the company's marketing and advertising full-time. As other small business owners began to see his business dominate the search engines, they began to inquire if she could provide them with similar services. Hence, the beginning of J.P. Marketing, LLC.

Today, Charisa has transitioned from marketing her own family business and personal websites after becoming extremely effective in bringing in new customers to helping other small businesses in various industries.

Charisa Pruitt & The SEO Alliance Team partner with small businesses to do their local internet marketing for them so they show up at the top of the search engines where potential customers look for them online. That means when people are looking online for services they have to offer, they will be chosen over their competition, thus gaining more customers and increasing profits. Charisa and her SEO Team are equipped to service small business clients across the United States in their local markets. She is also the author of “Can Your Customers Find You Online? A How-To Guide to Marketing Your Local Small Business Online” available now on


"Direct Response Copywriter and Marketing Strategist"

DonnieOn this call, Donnie will cover…

5 ways businesses sabotage their own marketing

  • The #1 mistake businesses make when writing for their
    websites and advertisements.
  • Why neglecting some people is good for your business
  • 3 effects the recession has on every company and how to
    make each of them work in your favor
  • The real truth about Unique Selling Propositions (USP)

Donnie Bryant is a direct response copywriter and marketing strategist who specializes in helping his clients grow their businesses by infusing persuasive salesmanship into their marketing messages. You'll recognize some of the clients he's worked with, such as Experian and Early to Rise.


"Personal Branding to Boost your Business"

DonnieMarva Goldsmith will reveal…

  • What personal branding is and why should I care about it
  • How to use branding techniques to improve your business or career prospects
  • Identify three easy ways to become branded online

Marva Goldsmith began her career as an electrical engineer in Detroit, MI and has held positions that include federal lobbyist, call center manager and human resources strategist. Believing that one is never too old to go to school, at the age of 42, Marva obtained a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard University. She then studied image management with the London Image Institute, the Image Resource Group and Dominique Isbeque (pronounced Is-beck) International and personal brand management with William Arruda and Peter Montoya. She received additional leadership training and certification through Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program. Marva, who is the author of Re-Branding Yourself After Age 50, utilizes her diverse background and skill set to inspire, encourage and sometimes nudge her clients to professional success.


"Mobile Marketing Systems to Skyrocket your Sales"

CharisaJennene Biggins will talk about…

  • What is Text Message Marketing
  • Why is it important to business owners?
  • Who can use it to skyrocket sales?
  • Things to consider before deciding on a TMM plan
  • Mobile Marketing best practices

An online presence is a vital tool for promoting any size business, but a successful online presence enables small businesses to generate more customers, create brand awareness and reach their revenue goals.

Jennene Biggins Principal of J Biggins Consulting brings over 9 years Internet and Social Media Marketing experience to her small business clients who seek to build an online presence for their products and services. Jennene is a graduate of Howard University and is the Founder and CEO, of the Voluptuous Woman Company, Inc., an organization providing apparel, accessories and events for plus size women since 1997. The success of Jennene’s multiple websites targeting the plus industry led her to form J Biggins Consulting to help small businesses leverage the power of the world wide web and Web 2.0 Strategies. J Biggins Consulting’s clientele includes various hospitality companies, non-profit organizations, online magazines, entertainment companies and numerous small businesses. Jennene’s expertise in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) field encompasses social media marketing strategies (Facebook, Twitter, etc) , online reputation management, SEO best practices, pay-per-click advertising (Google Adwords) email marketing, video marketing and mobile marketing. J Biggins Consulting’s digital marketing services, allows Jennene to successfully help her clients reach their online marketing goals.


"Social Media Marketing To Dominate Your Industry and Blow the Competition out of the water!"
YasminOn this call, Yasmin will reveal…

  • The number 1 reason most biz owners fail to succeed with social media marketing
  • How you can use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to build your list, get referrals and make more sales
  • Top 3 things you need to do to dominate your industry on social media
  • This one easy trick to manage your social media and drive traffic to your site easily, quickly and effortlessly

As the host of this Teleseminar event, Yasmin will not only interview other experts on how to successfully market your business, but she will also teach a class on how to dominate social media in your industry. Yasmin’s motto is “Marketing works for every business, but you have to know what you are doing”. After seeing too many small business owners struggle to increase profits and remain recession proof, she is passionate about helping the ‘small guy and gal’ to compete and succeed in this economy. Yasmin’s easy going British charm, love of laughter and funny anecdotes make learning fun. If you’ve ever struggled to learn from the big Gurus, or hate stuffy, boring lectures, you need to hear Yasmin. She will change the way you think about growing your business forever.


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There is no charge for this event. Normal long distance charges apply. The calls will take place every day at 12pm EST from March 26 – 30, 2012

You are about to embark on an exciting learning adventure. This is a ‘No Pitch’ event. Just 100% PURE content that will help you grow your business exponentially. There is limited seating for this event, so grab your spot NOW!